Perth residents outraged after parking fines issued during Anzac Day Dawn services

Perth residents returning from Anzac Day dawn services were stunned to find parking tickets on their vehicles.

Parking wardens issued hundreds of fines, up to $200 during the service.

Brandon Fisher was among those who received the levy. 

He told ABC "it's an absolute disgrace and un-Australian".

Mr Fisher said he'd been going to the dawn service for the last six years and parked in the same spot without an issue each time.

This year, temporary "no parking" signs were set up. 

Footage has also emerged of parking wardens taking down signs to try and catch out drivers.

Disgruntled residents flooded The City of Perth Facebook page with complaints about the fines. 

Some called the council's decision "opportunistic" and "greedy".

One Facebook user wrote "Lest we definitely didn't forget to put parking attendants on to fine people at 4.30am. Extremely disrespectful..."

Following the backlash, the council said it will withdraw the fines issues in Kings Park.

"Given the circumstances, fines issues will not be enforced."