Pregnant woman purposefully trips four-year-old boy in China

Pregnant woman purposefully trips four-year-old boy in China
Photo credit: Kan Kan News

A pregnant woman who purposefully tripped up a four-year-old boy in China is facing harsh consequences online.

Thousands of people are hurling abuse at the woman, going lengths to find her identity and locations after the incident in Shaanxi province, China Youth Daily reports.

Footage of the incident shows the boy rushing through a plastic curtain to collect chopsticks from his parents, who own the restaurant.

As he enters, one of the plastic flaps smacks the woman in the face - since revealed to be seven months pregnant - causing her to spill some of her food.

Visibly annoyed, she waits for the boy to return past her seat, and sticks out her foot, sending him sprawling head-first onto the concrete.

Doctors later confirmed the boy suffered a mild concussion.

He told his mother what happened and she pulled the CCTV footage, which has since spread across the internet and many Chinese media outlets. Her identity has now been plastered across Chinese social media websites Weibo and WeChat.

The woman eventually turned herself in to police and offered to pay the boy's medical expenses. She was given a NZ$158 fine and avoided a short jail sentence, only because of her pregnancy.

The boy's mother says she's glad the woman didn't go to jail, saying she's suffered enough online.

"We do not wish to affect her," she told China Youth Daily.

"I have children myself. I can understand."