Protesters tear down tribute left for burglar stabbed to death

Angry vigilantes have removed tributes left for an intruder stabbed to death during a burglary in London.

Henry Vincent, 37, died in a struggle with 78-year-old homeowner Richard Osborn-Brooks.

On Thursday an enraged man tore down the flowers, pinned to the fence. It's the third time they've been removed.

"These are scumbags, scumbags, scumbags," he yelled.

The flowers have polarised opinion, with many members of the public arguing Vincent should be respected despite his attempted robbery. The flowers have already been replaced, for the fourth time.

Police are now said to be guarding the floral tribute, warning they'll arrest anyone who tries to remove them again for "breaching the peace".

Mr Osborn-Brooks and his wife have gone into hiding, fearing a revenge attack. He was initially arrested on suspicion of murder following the incident but later released without charge.


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