Qantas passengers go into hysteria as plane makes emergency landing

An emergency landing on a Qantas flight left passengers fearing for their lives, with some even sending goodbyes to loved ones.

The Perth to Sydney flight had to divert to Melbourne on Saturday after it reportedly had trouble with its air conditioning system, The Daily Mail said. 

A spokesperson from Qantas said the problem affected the Airbus A330's ability to maintain pressure in the cabin. 

Some passengers shared their traumatic experiences, with the Daily Mail saying hysteria swept the plane as many felt the crew left them in the dark over what was going on. 

"People next to me were sending goodbye messages and stuff like that which was a bit crazy," Tim Garvey said. 

Nick Scerri said many on board genuinely thought they were going to die.

"It was one of those experiences you go through that gives you a real jolt and reminds you how vulnerable you are," Mr Scerri said. 

"People were being openly hysterical because the pilots were being so tight lipped about the situation." 

Mr Scerri said his main complaint was the way Qantas handled the situation.

"But first I wanted to stress that the ladies in the cabin crew were fantastic and deserve to be commended. But when we got off the plane we [were] not asked a thing - as far as I am concerned there was no aftercare for passengers and we were able to just walk off and disappear into the airport." 

A Qantas spokesperson apologised and thanked the crew for their professionalism and the passengers for their patience.