Restaurant serves up tarantula burger as part of its 'Exotic Meat Month'

  • 14/04/2018
The tarantula burger.
The tarantula burger. Photo credit: Bull City Burger and Brewery

A North Carolina craft brewery is pushing the boundaries of what is considered edible, proudly offering customers the chance to eat a tarantula burger.

The 'Tarantula Challenge' is part of Bull City Burger and Brewery's 'Exotic Meat Month', and has proven so popular customers need to enter a ballot for the chance to eat one.

If their name is called the customer will be given the $30 burger, which is made with pasture-raised beef, spicy chili sauce and topped with an oven roasted tarantula.

Should they finish the burger and their side of fries they win a limited edition T-shirt and have their picture taken for "social media fame and glory".

Alongside the tarantula several other exotic meats are on offer, including camel, turtle, reindeer, rabbit, bugs and elk.

According to 7 News the tarantula is not cooked on site, but they are killed before the oven roasting process begins.

At least three people have managed to successfully eat the burger and go home with the free T-shirt.