Russian media goes into overdrive denying involvement in Skripal poisoning

Russia's Ambassador has told the UN Security Council the British are "playing with fire" and "will be sorry" over its allegations Moscow poisoned a former spy and his daughter in England.

His comments come as Russian TV played an apparent recording of his daughter, Yulia Skripal, saying "everything was fine", CBS News reports. 

The clip was supposedly a phone call between Ms Skripal and her cousin that had been presented to a live studio audience in Moscow.

In it she also said her father, who is currently still in a critical condition, was asleep and "nobody has any problems that can't be put right".

Russian state television has been working hard to deny accusations it's behind the poisoning of Mr Skripal and his daughter using a Novichok, a Russian nerve agent. 

One show compared assumptions Russia was involved to blaming injuries from US invented iPads on the US.

The former editor of the Moscow times says it's part of the agenda setting from within Russia.

"This is how basically the Russian nation gets its political agenda, and sees the world through the kremlin's eyes," he told CBS News.

While there's not much evidence Ms Skripal actually made the call shown on Russian TV British police have now released her first public comments.

They're focussed on how her strength is growing daily, but there was no mention of her father.