Second 'racist' Starbucks video emerges

Starbucks' PR nightmare just got worse.

A second video has appeared on Twitter showing a black man being apparently discriminated against by the coffee shop staff.

The footage, shot in January, showed Los Angeles police confronting a black man who was denied access to a Starbucks bathroom.

Staff members allowed a white man beside him to go ahead, even though neither had bought anything from the chain.

The original video, which was shared millions of times on social media, shows two black men being handcuffed and arrested for sitting in a Starbucks without buying anything. They claimed they were there for a business meeting and were waiting for someone else to join them.

The Starbucks employee who complained to police is no longer employed at that store.

Activists outraged at apparent racial profiling protested in and outside the Philadelphia store after the video went viral.

CEO Kevin Johnson apologised and travelled to Philadelphia where he plans to meet with the two men.

"What happened and the way that incident escalated, and the outcome, was nothing but reprehensible," he said in a video statement. "And I'm sorry."

The second video emerged on Twitter on Monday (local time).