Shocking moment a baby falls out of a moving van caught on video

Warning: This video contains content that may disturb some people.

CCTV footage has captured the shocking moment a 10-month-old baby fell out of a van into the middle of a busy road.

Video taken in the Jiangsu province of China last Friday (local time) shows the van turning a corner and the baby tumbling out of an open door and landing on the road.

In total, the baby spent 22 seconds lying in the middle of the busy road before they were noticed and saved by pedestrians, the Daily Mail reports.

A passerby spotted the baby and quickly plucked them from the centre of the road before the infant could be hit by a passing car or motorbike.

According to local media, the child's mother only noticed when she stopped at a traffic light and realised the baby was missing.

She ran back to the intersection where the baby had fallen from the car, gratefully collecting them from the hero passerby.

The infant was not injured in the terrifying near-miss, according to local media.