Sydney barber fighting legal battle after refusing to cut girl's hair

Sydney barber fighting legal battle after refusing to cut girl's hair
Photo credit: Facebook/HuntersHillBarber

If you're a barber who doesn't want to cut long hair then you might have some sympathy for Sam Rahim.

The Sydney barber and owner of Hunter's Hill Barber Shop is battling legal costs after being taken to court by a mother for refusing to cut her little girl's bob. 

The Weekly Times said that Mr Rahim was originally approached by a Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission officer in December after the mother believed the barber shop had breached anti-discrimination laws. 

However Mr Rahim said on a GoFundMe page his business is only qualified in male styled cuts.

"As we are barbers and not hairdressers we were not qualified and did not have the skill to perform the cut," Mr Rahim said.  

"We are now facing court over the matter and have had a stressful time the past few months. The legal costs are more than we have ever anticipated." 

Mr Rahim said he needs $50,000 to cover legal costs as the girls' mother is a lawyer.

Many from the north Sydney community have jumped to support Mr Rahim, with his shop's Facebook page having received more than 370 five-star reviews. 

"I wouldn't go to a baker and demand they fix my car's engine; what gives that woman the right to demand you for something which you are not able to do," one user said.

As of Tuesday morning Mr Rahim had received $6480 towards his goal of $50,000.