Teen pushes friend under bus in horrifying prank gone wrong

This is the moment a teenage girl's head came inches from being crushed under bus wheels after a terrifying prank went horribly wrong.

Footage released by police shows the 17-year-old walking with her friend next to a road in Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland on April 12.

But as a large red bendy bus drives past, her friend suddenly lunges and pushes her under the bus.

At first, it appears the rear wheels have crushed her skull - but miraculously she escapes unscathed.

She gets back up and is hugged by her distraught friend, while the bus pulls over and the public rush to her aid.

However Polish police failed to see the funny side to the prank, and fined the friend zł300 (NZ$120).

They also want to lay charges for endangering life. If found guilty, she could spend a year in prison.