Teenage girl spends US$54 on cupcakes after being fat shamed waiting in line

Jessica Vega.
Jessica Vega. Photo credit: Facebook

A US teenager has had the last laugh after being fat shamed by two woman waiting in line behind her for cupcakes.

The women had become impatient while waiting in line at a bakery due to a woman at the front taking a long time to order.

Eventually the woman left with her cake and the two angry customers turned their attention to the next person at the front of the line - teenager Vega Blossom.

"As I walked up to the counter the lady turns to her friend and says 'thank god, now let's hope this fat bitch doesn't buy all the cupcakes'," Ms Blossom wrote on Facebook.

In retaliation for her rude comment Ms Blossom proceeded to buy every single cupcake in the store, far more than the original six she had planned on purchasing.

"I bought every damn cupcake. I spent $54 on cupcakes just to be a bitch. Happy Easter," she said.

She later shared the cupcakes with her friends and co-workers over the Easter break.

Ms Blossom's post struck a chord with social media users and quickly received over 70,000 reacts and 25,000 shares.

Many of the commenters praised Ms Blossom for her actions, some saying were they in her shoes they would have done similar.

"Perfect response," one person wrote. "I've never met you and am sorry you endured that."

"Screw that lady. I would've started eating them in front of her too," another said.

The bakery involved in the incident has thrown its support behind Ms Blossom too, sending her free cupcakes and a spokesperson posting on Facebook to say bullying was unacceptable in their store.