Toxic, hostile and insular - London Mayor worried about Kiwi immigration crackdown

London's Mayor has slammed the British Government for its crackdown on New Zealanders' rights in the UK. 

After a town hall-style event at City Hall in London with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about diversity, Sadiq Khan warned about the risk of New Zealanders being put off London. 

"What we don't need a toxic, hostile environment being created so people in New Zealand are under the mistaken impression that we're suddenly going to become insular and inward-looking."

Over the last two years the UK has made it harder and more expensive for New Zealanders to live and work in London, for example:

  • imposing a health surcharge on Kiwi visa applicants
  • changing salary thresholds to be eligible for skilled migrant visas 
  • ramping up fees for sponsorship visas
  • making it tougher to get work and study visas.

Mr Khan said it bothers him that the British government has made it so much harder for Kiwis.

"Of course it does, I worry about any unintended or intended consequences that make it more difficult for talent to come to London."