US man live tweets hilarious first experience eating Pineapple Lumps

  • 25/04/2018
Pineapple lumps and jaffas.
Pineapple lumps and jaffas. Photo credit: File.

An American author has live tweeted his first time eating pineapple lumps, hilariously illustrating his confusion about the sweet snack.

Chuck Wendig, author of New York Times bestseller Aftermath, was given the lollies by Kiwi author Adam Christopher and tweeted he would be trying them as a reward after a run.

The trial didn't go smoothly though, with Mr Wendig tweeted he was utterly confused soon after announcing he was trying the lolly.

"Update: what the f**k is in my mouth," he wrote.

"Last week I had a peanut butter, pickle and mayo sandwich and let me just confirm: PINEAPPLE LUMPS are a far stranger food journey."

He later came to the conclusion the centre of the lump was a kind of bubblegum flavoured nougat.

"It tastes mostly nothing like pineapple and everything like a generic piece of bubble gum dipped in chocolate. It's f**king WEIRD. *eats three more*," he wrote.

He then fed one to his wife who was similarly confused and another to his child who loved it.

Upon advice from his followers, he froze some and ate them later, which he says improved the experience.

"As many have suggested, we froze the 'Pineapple Lumps.'," he wrote.

"Now they're airy and brittle like you're eating the bones of an old, diabetic ghost. The off-putting chewiness is gone; the bubble gum taste lingers like a long winter."