US mother allegedly used Taser to wake son up for church

A US mother has been arrested after allegedly shocking her child with a Taser to encourage him to get ready for church.

Sharon Dobbins, 40, is said to have used a contact taser on her son's leg on Easter Sunday morning to get him out of bed, CBS News reports.

She appeared in court on a child abuse charge over the alleged attack, but denies using the weapon - saying she simply gestured with the Taser and made the noise herself.

"I made the noise with the Taser... but I did not tase my son," she told CBS News.

Police say they found two small bumps on the boy's leg, where it's thought the Taser would have made contact.

Dobbins is unrepentant following the incident, saying she did what needed to be done.

"I said get up! It's Jesus' Day.

"I don't think I did anything wrong. Because you're supposed to put God first - and that's all I was trying to do, is tell my kids to put God first."

Dobbins was released from custody on Monday without bail but under some conditions, including no possession of any weapons, including a Taser.

The specific Taser she is accused of using on her son has been confiscated.