US school asks bra-less student to cover up nipples with plasters

US school asks bra-less student to cover up nipples with plasters
Photo credit: Facebook/ Lizzy Martinez

A US school told a student who wasn't wearing a bra that she had to cover up and put plasters over her nipples.

Florida high school student Lizzy Martinez decided not to wear a bra underneath her long sleeve T-shirt last week.

She was pulled out of class and sent to a dean's office, who told her that a teacher had complained she was a distraction to boys in her class and she would have to cover up.

"She told me that I needed to put a shirt on under my long-sleeve shirt to try to tighten my breasts, to constrict them," Ms Martinez told local newspaper the Bradenton Herald.

But that apparently wasn't good enough, and she was sent to the nurse's office where she was handed four plasters and told to cover up her nipples.

The 17-year-old aired her frustrations on Twitter, saying: "My school basically told me that boys' education is far more important than mine and I should be ashamed of my body." 

The school argued that her protruding nipples were distracting other students, which is a violation of the uniform code.

Her mother Kari Knopp isn't happy with how the school treated her daughter.

"We should not treat a girl like this because of where her fat cells decided to distribute genetically," she told the Bradenton Herald.

The school's dress code does not contain any policies specific to bras.