Vegan vandals strike in Surrey town

  • 27/04/2018
Vegan vandals strike in Surrey town

An ugly fight between vegans and meat eaters has erupted in Farnham, Surrey. 

The vegans vandalised a restaurant's sign writing, "Fish feel pain" before adding a sticker that read, "veganism is not a diet".

An employee at Loch Fyne seafood restaurant noticed the graffiti on Monday.

Shortly after, the carnivores took action.

An electricity box outside a nearby primary school was ironically tagged "Dear Vegans, stop destroying things to prove your point."

It went on to read "It makes you appear more idiotic than me."

The graffiti was signed off by 'The Vandals'. 

Loch Fyne restaurant & bar sign
Loch Fyne restaurant & bar sign Photo credit: BPN
Vegan vandals strike in Surrey town

Charlie Kirk was the first to notice the battle of the spray cans. 

He said it wasn't the first time vegans had targeted the restaurant.

"I think people are probably generally quite sick of hearing about vegan this, vegan that, just get on with it and stop trying to force vegan or meat eating down people's throats..."

The Farnham Town Council said the graffiti is pencilled in for removal. 

The Loch Fyne bar and restaurant say they have nothing against vegans and will be introducing a vegan menu this week.