Visitors kill kangaroo at Chinese zoo by throwing bricks at it

The bricks thrown at the animals in south China.
The bricks thrown at the animals in south China. Photo credit: CCTN

A kangaroo has been killed in a Chinese zoo after visitors threw bricks at the animal to make it hop.

A breeder working for the Fuzhou Zoo in the southeastern Fujian province told China Central Television visitors sometimes throw rocks in the enclosure to make the animals wake up or move around.

After being pelted with the concrete chunks, the 12-year-old female kangaroo was treated for a severely injured foot. However after its death an autopsy revealed internal bleeding and a ruptured kidney, which had been missed.

Only days later, a visitor reportedly threw another brick into the enclosure, injuring a five-year-old male animal. He is expected to make a full recovery, China Central Television reports.

The zoo has applied for funding for surveillance cameras.

The dead roo will be preserved and put on display.