Woman forced to move in with parents due to excessive wedding debt

A UK woman has admitted the cost of attending more than a dozen of her friends' weddings has forced her to move back in with her parents.

Georgina Childs, 30, told ITV's This Morning she has spent more than £13,000 (NZ$25645) and incurred large debts after attending 14 weddings and 13 hen parties in the space of four years.

"Initially there's that exciting feeling. It's always nice to be invited to a wedding," she said.

"But when you start to look into the finer details - where you need to travel to, the accommodation you need to book, the gift lists - all of that it is a bit of a gulp as you realise quite how much you're going to spend."

But while it may be an obvious solution, Ms Childs doesn't want to stop accepting the invites, saying it would be a "social faux-pas" to turn them down.

Instead she hopes couples will be slightly more realistic and perhaps plan for a slightly more modest hen party or stag do before the big day.

"If you're with your friends you shouldn't really need to do cocktail making or bike rides or what have you," she said.

Ms Childs hasn't seen much sympathy on. Viewers of the show slammed her on Twitter, saying she needs to start turning down the wedding invites and stop blaming her debt on others.

"Why didn't she just say she can't go like normal people it's not worth getting into debt over," one person wrote.

"Just drop the pride and say you can't afford to. If you don't want to then don't moan about your debt," another said.