Woman inadvertently films man 'spiking' her drink

  • 09/04/2018
Woman inadvertently films man 'spiking' her drink
Photo credit: Twitter/Jaeda_sky

A woman has seemingly captured the moment a man spiked her drink while filming on her phone.

Kristal Santos was attending a music festival in Brazil when she snapped a video of herself and a friend enjoying themselves in the crowd.

As she spins the camera around, a man can be seen walking behind her and appears to drop something into her cup. This is a common way for drinks to be spiked with drugs, and can often lead to sexual assault once the victim is incapacitated.

The 15-second clip was posted by user @Jaeda_sky to Twitter.

"I'll never understand how a dude can be so wack with no game and feel the need to be such a disgusting predator," she wrote in a caption.

"Ladies watch your drinks!"

Many were disgusted by what seemed to be a blatant act of drink-spiking, while others were unconvinced by the video and claimed it was staged.

On her own Instagram account, Ms Santos posted an update about the video, reassuring her followers that she didn't drink from the cup as it was already empty.

"I'm glad the video is echoing in a positive way, as an alert for everyone to take more care of their glasses, including me," she wrote.

"I bet that just like my mother, everyone's mother has warned a thousand times to be careful with the glasses, I thought she exaggerated!

"But it is not exaggeration, because we always think that this will never happen, but the truth is that it can happen anytime, anywhere."


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