Woman's wild dancing upstages Trump

As Donald Trump signed an anti-sex trafficking bill into law on Wednesday, all eyes were instead on the woman standing behind him.

The woman, known only as MA, busted out some dance moves as Mr Trump made the bill official, designed to remove protection for sex-trafficking websites.

Prosecutors now have greater power to take legal action against websites which host sex-trafficking ads by third parties.

MA was one of the first people to sue website Backpage in 2010. The site has until now avoided legal action because the posts are made by third parties.

"I am not a survivor. I am MA. It's about damn time," she said to Mr Trump in his office, before doing a dab.

Mr Trump laughed before turning back to sign the bill, missing the dance performance which then went on behind him.

Backpage's chief executive Carl Ferrer has this week pleaded guilty to money laundering and conspiracy charges, three days after the site was permanently closed. Seven others involved with the site, labelled by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as "the world's top online brothel", have also had charges laid against them.

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