YouTube shooter identified as disgruntled user

The shooter who opened fire at YouTube's California headquarters, injuring three people, has been identified.

ABC7 News has reported the culprit's name as Nasim Aghdam.

She is believed to have entered the company's premises in San Bruno at around midday on Tuesday (local time), armed with a handgun. 

Three people were wounded by gunshot, including a 36-year-old man who CBS has reported is believed to be the shooter's boyfriend.

Two other women were also shot.

Aghdam was found dead at the scene of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

She was a YouTube user whose videos had attracted more than a million views. She had posted 'rants' in which she criticised the video-sharing platform for allegedly censoring her content.

In the 'about' section of her now-deleted channel, she called herself a "Persian Azeri female vegan bodybuilder" who promoted animal rights and healthy living.