Zero tolerance and instant loss of licence for drink drivers in Victoria

From Monday the new laws come into place in Victoria.
From Monday the new laws come into place in Victoria. Photo credit: File

Australian police have brought in a zero tolerance drink driving law, including an instant loss of licence. 

From Monday, Victoria police will roll out the new laws which state if you are caught driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05, you will be fined and instantly lose your licence. 

You will also have to complete a drink driver behaviour-change program and get an alcohol interlock installed in any vehicle you drive for at least six months. 

The tough new rules are the strictest in the country, according to Australian media. In comparison, New Zealand's limit is also a BAC of 0.05, however drivers near the limit do not instantly lose their licence. Instead they face a $200 fine and 50 demerit points on their licence.

The strict changes come after research showed licence disqualification cut repeat drink driving incidents by 70 percent, Victoria police said.