Alex Jones gives $3000 to grown man who won't leave home

A grown man whose parents got a court order to evict him has been given US$3000 by controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Michael Rotondo, 30, has also reportedly been offered a job by an adult entertainment company after his eviction made headlines around the world earlier this week.

Mr Rotondo's parents spent months trying to get him to leave home, eventually taking their case to the Supreme Court, where a judge ordered him to pack up and leave.

"I am just so outraged," he said outside the New York courtroom on Tuesday.

His parents wanted him out because he refused to pay rent or help out around the house.

Jones invited him onto his show, InfoWars, and told Mr Rotondo he seemed "sane" and "capable", Newsweek reports.

"I'm not trying to be condescending. The media made you the ultimate demon in the world - both liberal and conservative media," said Jones.

"Even the left that pushes dependency and paying for people's anchor babies and sex change operations... What I am saying is, this whole millennial thing... being afraid of change - I think you are indicative of that."

Mr Rotondo said he was "doing the best" he can, and the US$3000 cheque would help.

"I'll get my things out of there in the amount of time I have, and it will allow me to continue to pursue the things I need to pursue without significant interruption as a result of the mandatory relocation - and that means a lot to me."

Jones made Mr Rotondo promise he wouldn't spend it on a nose job or a sex change, reports The Independent.

Jones believes the Sandy Hook massacre - which took the lives of 20 young children - was a hoax, and has promoted other conspiracy theories such as the US government turns frogs gay and Barack Obama plans to move to New Zealand to avoid a "worldwide meltdown".