Angry motorist climbs bus on busy motorway

The bizarre moment an angry motorist pulled over on a busy motorway and climbed aboard the hood of a school bus has been caught on camera.

Massachusetts bus driver Joe Rizoli captured the entire episode on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Newton on Tuesday evening on his bus's dash cam.

"This car comes up from the right, and goes into the left lane, and goes slow, slow, slowing down," he told reporters.

"And then he comes over, and he does his little spiel on the side of the door. He comes over, he says wait, he comes over. I don't let him in because after somebody doing that on the Massachusetts turnpike, I'm not letting you in."

"And then he comes to the front of the bus, gets on the hood, and he was coming up and I point to my camera, a dash cam. I said look it, you're being video recorded."

That's when the man climbed down.

The man was reportedly asking why the bus windows were tinted, and if any students were on board - there weren't.

Mr Rizoli eventually manoeuvred around the car and drove away.

"I'm thinking I want to get out here, and that's what I did."

He says all buses should have dash cams so situations like this one end before they get messy.

"I have never seen anything like it."

State police said a 42-year-old Boston man has been issued a court summons on several charges, including disorderly conduct and negligent operation of a vehicle.

His name wasn't released.

APTN / Newshub.