Aussie's modelling dream 'shattered' by horror dog attack

  • 22/05/2018
Aussie's modelling dream 'shattered' by horror dog attack
Photo credit: Instagram/Suzel Mackintosh

A British model has shared a horrifying encounter she had with a vicious dog that left her promising career in tatters.

London-based Suzel Mackintosh, 23, was attacked by a Staffordshire-pitbull-cross when camping in Western Australia on New Year's Eve.

In an unprovoked attack, the dog bit into the left side of her face, leaving part of her nose hanging off.

She subsequently spent a week in hospital where she was given plastic surgery in an attempt to reconstruct her face.

"I opened the car door to get my bag and the dog lunged towards me and I felt it lock around my face," she said.

"The realisation that it was attacking me started when I heard its horrible growl, and then to my horror it began to shake and shake and shake like I was an animal it was trying to kill.

"When it let go I fell backwards and my instant reaction was to feel my face, and I could feel the holes and could feel part of my nose was hanging off."

Being in a remote location meant it took almost two hours before she was seen by a medic.

Six months later, Ms Mackintosh has yet to fully recover - and she says the attack has changed her life completely.

Not only does she have scars and battles with anxiety, the Instagram star says she's been made to look like the Joker from Batman, leaving her modelling career in ruins.

"This has changed my life completely. I have to look in the mirror all the time and see scars on my face," she told Perth Now.

"Modelling was a big dream and one that I was working towards, and now I feel it's just been completely shattered because of this."

However what has disappointed her most is a lack of remorse from the dog's owner.

"He didn't even really say sorry, he sent me a message saying I feel bad for what's happened, but please know my dog is not vicious ... and then removed me from his Facebook."

A GoFundMe page has been setup to help with Ms Mackintosh's medical costs.