Aviation experts declare MH370 disappearance a 'murder-suicide' mission

  • 14/05/2018

Aviation experts say they are clear on what really happened with flight MH370.

"This was planned. This was deliberate," bluntly stated Martin Dolan, who spearheaded a two-and-a-half year search for the aircraft.

The Malaysian Airlines flight, en-route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, vanished on March 8 in 2014. 

The mystery behind the aircraft's disappearance along with the 239 passengers on board has plagued the aviation world.

A panel of five, with expertise across a range of aviation disciplines, appeared on 60 minutes Australia to shed light on the growing consensus.

The experts retraced the final steps taken by the captain, Zaharie Amad Shah.

Senior Boeing 777 pilot and instructor Simon Hardy said the plane was used for a murder-suicide mission. 

While the flight path at first seemed random, Hardy is clear the diversion was to fly by the captain's hometown of Penang for an "emotional goodbye."

Using Zaharie's flight plan from a military radar, Hardy points out the pilot intentionally flew between Malaysian and Thai borders, flitting in and out of the airspace for short enough periods not to cause suspicion.

"As far as I'm concerned it's very accurate flying." He said.

"This is a mission by one of the crew to hide the aircraft as far from civilisation as possible."

While some debris from the aircraft has been found, the search for the plane was called off in January 2017, three years after the disappearance.