Barnaby Joyce claims he was told to abort baby he conceived during affair

The former deputy Prime Minister of Australia Barnaby Joyce and his new partner claim they were encouraged to abort the child they were having together.

Vikki Campion, who was Barnaby Joyce's press officer at the time, has also spoken about the awkward moment she was confronted by Mr Joyce's wife.

The claims come in a promotional teaser for a much-anticipated interview Mr Joyce and Ms Campion had with Channel 7's Sunday Night programme - an interview that has contentiously earned the couple AU$150,000 (NZ$162,000).

The clip sees Mr Joyce claim there "were people who tried to stop the baby being born".

Ms Campion continues, adding "They said if you don't, they're going to come after you, [and] they did."

"I would do anything to protect him," she said of her newborn. "Everything was worth it for this."

The full interview airs on Australian TV on Sunday night.