Beverly Hills teen says she can't live off US$1000 a month

  • 05/05/2018

A Beverly Hills teenager has told US TV host Dr Phil McGraw she can't live off US$1000 a month (NZ$1424).

Fifteen-year-old Nicolette (no last name was given) recently went on the show after her allowance was cut - and she says it's unfair.

"I want my mom to understand that I can't live off $1000 a month and I grew up on a certain lifestyle - she can't just take that away from me immediately," Nicolette told Dr Phil on Tuesday (local time). 

The girl's monthly allowance was reduced from US$5000 (NZ$7123).

"If someone took her lifestyle away from her, she wouldn't like that," the teen said, referring to her mother Nina, who sat across from Dr Phil. 

"I can't deal with this, and so I came to you for help."

In a video on the Dr Phil Facebook page, the teenager describes her lavish lifestyle before a live audience. Her mother revealed she'd spent almost US$100,000 (NZ$143,000) on Nicolette's bills in 2017. 

Asked why she wanted to appear on the TV show with her mother, Nicolette said she "needs her to understand I need at least $2500 a month".

She said her mother "doesn't do anything" for her. 

"Other people would have their moms drive them places, buy them food, make them food, but I do everything myself - and I need the funds for that." 

The teen said she's home-schooled because regular school "traumatised" her.