Brainstorm v Green Needle: Is this the new Yanny-Laurel?

Just when we thought the craze surrounding auditory illusions had died with the explanation to the viral Yanny-Laurel mystery, another one has shot up.

From the recesses of the internet rises a new question: is it 'brainstorm', or 'green needle'?

Most people can hear both, apparently - though a few in our newsroom have been left bamboozled by their inability to hear one or the other.

Originally posted by Reddit user Squidjeep, the video shows a toy saying one of the two words - though it's not immediately clear which one it's saying.

Earlier this week, the Yanny-Laurel mystery was in full swing. It later emerged that those who were more sensitive to higher frequency sounds would hear 'Yanny', while those used to lower frequencies would hear 'Laurel'.