Chinese scientists discover bizarre 'ratfish' with big ears

Chinese scientists say they've discovered over 30 never seen before deep-sea creatures at the bottom of the ocean.

Using an underwater drone, they were able to probe the deepest, darkest and most remote areas of the ocean. And what they found shines a light on one of the most mysterious corners of the world.

Among the new creatures is a 'ratfish' - a blind fish with bizarre big ears. It was filmed swimming past the camera, using a lateral line to navigate through the ocean current.

Other species caught on camera include a group of deep sea shrimps and a cutthroat eel.

These strange creatures live around seamounts, mountains rising from the seafloor thousands of metres below the surface.

China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association chief scientist Wang Chunsheng says using robots to explore the ocean has allowed scientists to discover new life.

"In recent years, with the development of technology, we have generally found over 30 kinds of new species through the application of Jiaolong Submersible and underwater remotely-operated vehicle," he says.

"We have a general idea of the biological diversity of seamounts, including the kinds of species that live there and how they are distributed.

"It provides a solid foundation for the protection of seamounts."