Corgi couple have a royal wedding of their own

Royal wedding fever is sweeping the globe, and even the animal kingdom is getting in on the hype.

This week in New York crowds were treated to a royal appointment with a difference. 

A Corgi wedding ceremony took place that included four-legged guests "Prince George", "Princess Charlotte", "Kate and Will", "Queen Elizabeth", and of course the royal couple themselves "Prince Harry" and "Meghan Markle". 

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has always had a soft spot for corgis. She has owned more than thirty of them since she became Queen in 1952.

"Prince Harry doesn't look at all nervous, does he?" said the commentator of the canine wedding, as a corgi sporting an outfit fit for a prince took the podium. 

His bride, "Meghan Markle", also took her place on a podium showcasing her frilly white dress. 

The pups enjoyed playtime in the grounds of a mini Windsor Castle before indulging in treats fit for a canine king. 

Apart from the odd doggy wardrobe malfunction, there was no dethroning these furry monarchs. 

Watch the video for the full The Project segment.