Couple eating endangered animals on YouTube causes outrage

Warning: This story contains details that may disturb some readers.

A woman has been arrested and forced to issue a public apology for filming herself skinning, cooking and eating endangered animals on her YouTube show. 

Ah Lin Tuch is the presenter of Natural Life TV, based in Cambodia. Along with her husband Phoun Raty, she earns a living making YouTube videos. 

She has eaten an endangered fishing cat, several protected species of birds, a king cobra, shark, stingrays, frogs and a large lizard.

Viewers reported the YouTube star for eating the protected animals near her home in Pnom, Penh.

She and her husband were tracked down by Cambodia's Ministry of Environment and have apologised publicly for 'destroying wildlife'.

The couple claimed they bought the wildlife from a local market and then cooked it. 

The Government is investigating and could take legal action.