'Deadbeat dads' forced to pay up or stay home at Aussie airports

  • 28/05/2018

Record numbers of "deadbeat dads" with outstanding child support debts are being stopped at Australian airports and forced to pay up or stay home.

Border Force has blocked Australian parents from leaving the country with Departure Prohibition Orders if they have failed to meet their obligations to their children.

In total, 358 people, more than one every day, have been caught in the past 10 months, more than the 333 who were caught the entire year previous.

Once caught, parents have to choose between paying up or staying home, a move that has raked in more than AU$10 million this financial year.

According to 7 News, 90 percent of offenders are fathers.

One such father paid $350,000 on the spot to cover his debt and be cleared to travel.

Human Services Minister Michael Keenan says it's astounding that so many parents prioritise holidays over their children's wellbeing.

"It staggers me that someone would have that money in the bank, denying their own children what they are required to support them.

"We think it's actually very important that people fulfil their obligations and we will use every tool at our disposal to make sure that that happens."

Parents with overdue payments have also been stopped at Australia's seaports.