Deadly Australian Flinders Highway has seen numerous murders and disappearances

Deadly Australian Flinders Highway has seen numerous murders and disappearances
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If you happen to be driving in northeast Australia, it's probably best you stay away from Flinders Highway.

The stretch of road 130 kilometres west of Townsville has over the years seen a dozen people either killed or vanish, the Daily Mail says. 

Known to locals as the "highway of death" it most recently saw the disappearance of 22-year-old Jayden Penno-Tompsett.

The Newcastle man went missing from the road on New Year's Eve last year while en route from Newcastle to Cairns with friend Lucas Tattersall. 

He was last seen alive when he got out of the driver's seat after having argued with Mr Tattersall. 

When Mr Tattersall later returned he was nowhere to be found. 

Terrifyingly, this occurred several days after 26-year-old Reece Kearney disappeared from the highway - he was last seen filling up his motorcycle near Charters Towers. 

Today Tonight talked with Charters Towers resident Snow Hearn who said backpackers should stay well clear of the sinister road.

"It is a large, scary stretch of highway. Anyone in their right mind really wouldn't be backpacking under those sort of circumstances," Ms Hearne said.

Another Charters Towers resident Doug Morris said it was strange that there was no trace of Mr Penno-Tompsett.

Adding to the mystery of the highway is the disappearance of 20-year-old Tony Jones in 1972, a Perth man who vanished on his way to Charters Towers. 

The same year saw Anita Cunningham and Robin Hoinville-Bartram disappear with the latter's remains being found in a shallow grave 80 kilometres west of Charters Towers. 

In 1970, sisters Judith, seven, and Susan Mackay, five, were raped and murdered.

Five years later 18-year-old Catherine Graham suffered the same fate -  her remains were later found nearby at Antill Plains Creek.

More recently was the disappearance of policeman Mick Isles in 2009.


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