Deaf, pregnant US woman and service dog punched on flight - police

Hazel Ramirez pictured with her husband Matt Silva and two children.
Hazel Ramirez pictured with her husband Matt Silva and two children. Photo credit: Facebook/Matt Silva

A deaf, pregnant woman and her service dog were punched on a Frontier flight to Florida, police say.

According to police, Timothy Manley punched Zariel the Great Dane when it awoke from a sleep and was stretching.

He was said to have thought the dog was taking up too much space.

Hazel Ramirez, who is 20 weeks pregnant, told News 6 she and her husband were appalled.

"So my husband gets mad and yelled at the man to tell him never touch any dogs or service animals," she explained in a message to the news agency.

"The man continued used his fist hand at my dog so I went in and told his wife that he should never punch my dog for no reason."

A spokesperson from the airline said police were contacted immediately and were there to help de-escalate the situation.

As the plane taxied in to the terminal, the argument continued. When police arrived, Mr Manley was determined to get away and pushed Ramirez's two young daughters over, leaving them crying and hurt.

This is when Mr Manley made a run for it, allegedly punching Ms Ramirez in the stomach.

The airline has confirmed that animals are allowed on the plane as long as they're controlled and certified.

Ms Ramirez will be pressing charges, and the case has been turned over to the FBI.