Dog gives birth to eight puppies in Florida airport

  • 26/05/2018

A service dog has unexpectedly given birth to eight puppies in the middle of a Florida airport.

Diane Van Atter and her stepmother were on their way to Philadelphia with their two service dogs when the female, Eleanor Rigby, went into labour, NBC news reports.

The pair knew two-year-old Eleanor was pregnant and their other dog, Nugget, was the father, but did not realise she was ready to give birth until the puppies arrived.

Dogs are normally pregnant for around 65 days. Flying with a dog past 45 days is not recommended as it could induce an early labour.

Tampa Fire Rescue's medical team quickly arrived to help the expectant mother and turned into temporary veterinarians to help deliver the puppies.

All up, eight puppies were born - seven boys and one girl.

Ms Van Atter and her stepmother missed their flight and will now be driving to Philadelphia with 10 dogs in tow rather than the two they planned to arrive with.