Female pilot lashes out at sexist passengers

  • 24/05/2018
A female pilot has taken to Twitter to talk about sexist passengers.
A female pilot has taken to Twitter to talk about sexist passengers. Photo credit: Twitter/Charlotte Knowlson

A female pilot has lashed out after suffering through a series of sexist comments from male passengers.

Charlotte Knowlson has worked for British airline easyJet since February. In that time, she has experienced her fair share of misogyny from the men on her planes.

In a tweet she wrote on Sunday (local time), Ms Knowlson shared some belittling remarks that two male passengers had made about her when they saw her on the aircraft.

"'I won't make any jokes about female drivers then'," one had allegedly said.

"'Are you the pilot? If I'd known that I wouldn't have got on'," said the other.

She ended the tweet with the perfect rebuttal: "Fact is, I can fly an £80m jet, you can't."

In a follow-up tweet, Ms Knowlson says she's become so used to hearing these kinds of comments that it wasn't until a cabin crew member expressed her frustration at the men that she thought much about it. 

"Why is this normal?" she asked.

"It is this attitude that puts women off and another barrier stopping them from going into male dominated careers…I am a pilot, he is a pilot. See, there is no difference."

She said that she generally doesn't bother listening to sexist comments about her flying abilities.

"I'm not offended, I'm not disheartened. I'm saddened by the fact that this is the attitude some still have and think it is ok to make these comments to women."

Her words have been retweeted more than 12,000 times and 'liked' more than 95,000 times.

Many people have tweeted their support for female pilots, some even sharing their own experiences with sexism.