Former Playboy playmate and son fall 23 floors to their deaths

Former playmate Stephanie Adams.
Former playmate Stephanie Adams. Photo credit: Getty

An ex-Playboy playmate and her seven-year-old son have plunged to their deaths at a hotel in New York.

Stephanie Adams and her son Vincent checked into the penthouse suite on a Thursday night. The next morning their bodies were discovered by a hotel guest, 23 floors below. 

A waiter at the hotel told The New York Daily News a guest spotted the bodies on the roof of the second floor courtyard.

"One of the guests of the hotel they called the lobby. They said, 'We saw a dead body,' they said one but then they realised there [were] two."

Police investigating the tragedy believe it to be a suicide, but no note was left in the room.

In the middle of a divorce from her husband, authorities had been called to their home in the past few months due to domestic disputes.

The estranged couple appeared in court the day before Ms Adams checked into the hotel where she was told by a judge that she would be unable to take her son to Europe with her for the summer.

The boy's father, Dr Charles Nicolai, was on child services' radar due to allegations he intentionally fed Vincent food he was allergic to.

Investigators are looking for video to figure out what exactly happened.

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