'Go back to China': Racist abuse hurled at US-Korean veteran caught on camera

A woman has been filmed yelling racist abuse at a Korean-American war veteran during a road rage incident in California.

James Ahn was the victim of the hate-fuelled diatribe, footage of which shows a woman telling him to "Go back to China" despite him being a US citizen and of Korean descent, not Chinese.

In the video, captured by a passenger in Mr Ahn's car, the woman is then showed pulling her eyes to the side as if to mock his Asian ethnicity.

Forced to pull over out of fear, they continued to film, completely speechless, as the woman remained shouting and laughing at them.

Mr Ahn posted the video on Facebook, claiming he was abused because the woman thought he was driving too slowly - although he's adamant he was driving to the speed limit.

US Congressman Eric Swalwell responded saying, "this woman does not represent Fremont", the town in which the attack occurred.

"Fremont is a diverse, inclusive community," The Independent quoted him as saying.

"But she's a reminder of the hate that still exists in America and the work we all have ahead. Thank you, James Ahn, for your service to America."

The matter was passed onto police - but as hate speech is not a crime, no charges can be laid.