Google's new AI feature is so human, it'll creep you out

Google's new AI function can book appointments for you.
Google's new AI function can book appointments for you. Photo credit: Reuters

Google has released its latest artificial intelligence (AI) function - and it's so human, it'll likely give you the creeps.

The release comes after the company rebranded the whole of its Google Research division to Google AI.

The move encompasses computer vision, deep learning and speech recognition technologies, Google announced in a blog post.

But its new feature is really setting the internet alight, with revelations it can book any type of appointment for you over the phone - just as you would. 

Google's search liaison Danny Sullivan posted videos of the unveiling of the voice recognition technology one Twitter.

One video shows the AI voice booking a hairdressing appointment for a "client".

During the live phone call, the AI voice can be heard saying they are "looking for something on May 3rd".

The hairdresser responds saying "sure what time are you looking for around?"

AI responds "12pm" - which is a time the hairdresser can't do. 

After asking if there is anything between 10am and 12pm, AI books a haircut for "Lisa" at 10am.

The human-like voice responds to phrases like "Just gimme one second" and can respond with a simple "mhmm." 

The function is not yet available, and is still being tested.