Greenland cat's hilarious reaction to unexpected pregnancy goes viral

Some mothers will recognise her look of shock and horror.
Some mothers will recognise her look of shock and horror. Photo credit: Dyrenes Venner / Facebook

A cat's hilarious reaction to a pregnancy scan has gone viral after it was posted to the internet.

Ulla arrived at Greenland's Dyrenes Venner animal shelter in April after being discovered living on the streets.

But after staff noticed she was getting bigger and bigger, they took her in for an assessment. The ensuing ultrasound revealed a big surprise - Ulla was pregnant with four or five kittens.

An image captured her startled expression upon seeing the big news on the ultrasound screen. Ulla looked at the sonogram then turned to the camera with a look of shock and horror on her face. She then appeared to scream in horror.

"We took this cat in a few weeks ago, but only recently noticed the bulge area in her stomach getting bigger and bigger," Dyrenes Venner wrote on Facebook.

"Turns out she's pregnant."

The photo was posted to Reddit, with the caption "when you find you're pregnant". It quickly drew attention from amused readers, who were swift to comment on the situation.

"Dammit whiskers, I told you pull-out doesn't work," one person quipped.

But there's been good news for the solo mum. Ulla has already found a home, and the shelter will look for homes for her kittens too.


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