'I have my own law' - Police finally catch Aussie ex-bikie on the run for months

A former bikie from Newcastle who spent three months on the run posting videos online has been caught in South Australia. 

David Brooks, 48, appeared in an Adelaide court on Thursday where a magistrate agreed he would be extradited to Sydney on Friday, 7 News reported. 

The manhunt began after Brooks failed to report to Newcastle police earlier this year. He had served time for drug offences before being released on parole. 

Brooks used online videos and social media to taunt the detectives trying to find him.

He set up a YouTube channel under the moniker 'That Brooksy Bloke' and posted regular video updates under a series titled 'Memoirs Of A Wanted Man'.

"Just because I was born with these laws around doesn't mean they're my laws," Brooks says.

"I have my own law." 

New South Wales Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Smith says officers were made aware of Brooks' social media posts three days before they arrested him north of Adelaide on Wednesday.

"We became aware of an individual taunting police on social media (and) obviously we don't take these matters lightly," Det Chief Supt Smith told reporters on Thursday.

In his video 'On The Road To Truth', Brooks can be seen puffing on a cigarette while driving his car with AC/DC blaring from the stereo.

He says to the camera: "Hey, out there living large, having fun, enjoying life. Message is: F**k the system. Today's the day, join the fight, love you all."

He used Facebook to falsely 'check-in' to locations across the globe including Cork in Ireland and San Francisco.

South Australian Police arrested Brooks on Wednesday, 7 News reported.