Indian baby rapist sentenced to death

A man beats an effigy of one of a rapist at a protest.
A man beats an effigy of one of a rapist at a protest. Photo credit: Reuters

An Indian man has been handed the death sentence for the rape and murder of a four-month-old girl.

The three-week trial was one of the quickest of its kind in the country, and comes amid outrage over sexual violence against children.

The infant's 26-year-old uncle, Naveen Gadke, raped and killed her when she was sleeping outside on a pavement with her parents, who sell balloons.

"Given the heinous and gruesome manner in which the cruel act was done by the accused, this person is like a gangrene disease in the society," Judge Varsha Sharma said in the ruling.

"Like the doctor cuts off gangrene-affected parts of a patient's body through operation, in the same way it is also necessary to keep such a criminal away to protect the society from them. Such person is deadly for the society."

India approved the death penalty for child rapists earlier this year. Just three people have been executed in India in the last decade.