Large steam explosion at Hawaii's Kilauea volcano following eruption

A large explosion of steam has erupted from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano - and experts are warning more explosions will follow. 

The volcano began spewing lava at around 9pm last Thursday night (local time), forcing hundreds of residents on Hawaii's Big Island to evacuate.

Warnings have been issued for the rising threat of gas and noxious fumes as new fissures open up. The fumes from the lava form a volcanic fog, which spreads far from the eruption.

Residents of the Leilani Estates are being urged to stay indoors with their windows up to avoid reactions to the toxic fumes.

A spokesperson for the Governor of Hawaii said 1700 people in the Leilani Estates were affected by the evacuation order.

Scientists say an influx of ground water could cause more steam explosions.