Man who miraculously survived suicide attempt builds $6 million business

Michael Josephson
Michael Josephson Photo credit: Manchester Evening News

Warning: This article discusses suicide.

An Englishman who survived a jump from a bridge in which he broke nearly all his bones has completed an extraordinary turnaround - founding a successful business and raising millions for charities. 

Michael Josephson attempted suicide two decades ago, and was left with horrific injuries as a result.

His full recovery, doctors say, was a miracle. 

It was during this long recovery time Mr Josephson decided he would no longer let bullies have their way with him - and he turned his life around in remarkable fashion. 

"I gave in to the bullies by jumping off that bridge. You should never give in to bullies," he told The Manchester Evening News. 

In the last 20 years, Mr Josephson has raised millions for charities and received an MBE from the Queen.

Mr Josephson, who lost his mother at age 11, describes his childhood as difficult which gave him inspiration to work with charity Childline, which focuses its efforts on helping abused children. 

"Giving something means something. If you've been through trauma and heartache you know how much it means to help. It's not just finance and money, I've tried to mentor other people too," he told The Manchester Evening News. 

After 15 years of supporting the charity, he went out on his own - now running his own charity ball, which supports a variety of different charities. 

At the launching of his new charity, he raised more than $380,000. 

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