Meghan Markle's dad staged wedding prep photo - report

  • 14/05/2018

Shortly after he asked the media for privacy, it's been revealed Thomas Markle Snr staged photos he sold to the press.

Mr Markle is said to have met up with photographer Jeff Rayner and staged several different photographs of him preparing for his daughter's wedding.

It's not known how much Mr Markle was paid for the photos, but they're believed to have netted him up to £100,000 (NZ$194,482).

Four different situations are believed to have been staged: Mr Markle reading up on British landmarks, getting measured for a suit, exercising ahead of the wedding and looking at news articles about Ms Markle's engagement.

It's now been revealed Mr Markle arrived at the coffee shop where the photo of him reading was taken with Mr Rayner to take the photos.

Barista Carlos Ortiz told the Daily Mail he thought Mr Markle and Mr Rayner were taking part in some kind of photo shoot, and didn't realise who he was until later.

"They came in together. He [Mr Markle] sat down in one of the seats in the window reading this book he had with him. The other guy who was with him didn't order a drink," he said

"He went back outside into the parking lot and started taking pictures."

Aside from the staged photos, Mr Markle has tried to stay away from media in the lead up to the wedding.

Shortly before reports of the photos being staged were published, Kensington Palace issued a strong warning to paparazzi about harassing Ms Markle's family.

Prince Harry is known to not be fond of the paparazzi. In a 2017 BBC documentary he unleashed scathing criticism on photographers for how they hounded his mother Princess Diana.

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