Meghan Markle's father to walk her down the aisle, but he hasn't met Prince Harry yet

Prince Harry's Kiwi assistant has announced new details about the upcoming royal wedding, including who will walk Meghan Markle down the aisle. That will be her father, Thomas Markle, despite the fact Price Harry hasn't even met him yet.

While royal watchers hang bunting in Windsor, the royals are laying out the welcome mat at Kensington Palace for Ms Markle's family.

A week before the wedding, Ms Markle's mother and father will fly in to meet everyone. It will be the first time Prince Harry has met Mr Markle in person, although he did meet her mother, Doria Ragland, at the Invictus Games in Canada last year.

Ms Markle's parents are separated and will have separate roles. Her mother will travel with her to Windsor Castle on the wedding day, then her father will walk her down the aisle.

That common wedding minefield of including people but not upsetting others is also evident in Ms Markle's bridal party. Ms Markle told palace staff she has too many close friends to choose from so there will be no Maid of Honour, but some friends will be with her as she gets ready.

Prince William will be Prince Harry's best man, and there will be bridesmaids and page boys - all children. It's likely Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be among them, but Prince Louis is staying home.

At Kensington Palace on Saturday people sympathised with the delicate task of picking bridesmaids.

"Just being recently engaged ourselves it is a bit of a tricky one when you got to choose that one, but you sort it out and get there in the end," one person said.

"I think she's doing a fantastic job compartmentalising their roles so everyone feels important," another said.

Princess Diana's siblings will also be given important roles, including Lady Jane Fellowes who will give a reading.

Buckingham Palace says it is hoping Prince Philip will be well enough to attend after recovering from a hip replacement. It's just another piece in the logistics puzzle largely being led by Jason Knauf. He was senior media advisor to former Prime Minister Helen Clark and is now a trusted aide of both Prince Harry and Prince William.

The spectacle of this wedding is clear in the 5000 media who have applied for accreditation. The stands are now being built on the wedding procession route for networks from around the world.

The story around this soon-to-be married couple doesn't end the day after their wedding on May 19 - their honeymoon is delayed so they can go on their first public engagement as a married couple in the week following.