Meghan Markle's nephew is growing royal-themed cannabis

Meghan Markle's nephew is growing royal-themed cannabis
Photo credit: Getty/Facebook;TylerDooley

Marijuana is hardly synonymous with the Royal Family, but that could soon change with a business of Meghan Markle's relatives. 

Tyler Dooley, 25, is a cannabis farmer from Oregon, US, and is also the nephew of soon-to-be-wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle.

The Daily Mail has reported that Mr Dooley has launched a new marijuana strain called Royally Grown, a product this week he has applied to patent. 

Not only has Mr Dooley said his marijuana is "unique and individual" like his aunt, but it is "extremely potent" and will "blow anyone's crown off".

"It's a secret blend and the high is amazing. It's very potent and smells of blueberries. It is unique and classy like my aunt," Mr Dooley said. 

"She and Prince Harry are welcome to a free sample any time. I know Harry has always enjoyed a good party. I'd like to think he and my aunt will approve of this."

He plans to launch 'Markle Sparkle' on June 2 at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Sonoma, the world's biggest celebration of marijuana.

Royally Grown was started by Mr Dooley and his mother Tracy Dooley, who was married to Meghan's half-brother Tom Markle Jr. 

The pair could potentially earn millions from their new strain alongside other royal-themed products such as Markle Sparkle-infused brownies and a royal relief oil, which does not contain any THC - the substance in cannabis which makes users high.

"Everything will be of the highest quality. We want to live up to the royal standard," Ms Dooley said. "We plan to build a global empire like the Kardashians."

She is confident Royally Grown will become a part of the multi-billion dollar a year legal marijuana business.