Melbourne family's 'special' numbers win them Lotto jackpot - twice

Melbourne family's 'special' numbers win them Lotto jackpot - twice
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The word 'lucky' is an understatement for one Australian family.

An unnamed Melbourne couple have taken home $9.6 million (NZ$10.5) after the woman bought two Lotto tickets to celebrate a wedding anniversary and children's birthdays, 7 News reported.

The family took out a first prize twice in a "Set for Life" lotto drawn on Friday meaning they'll be $40,000 richer every month for the next 20 years. 

It is the first time in Australian lotto history there's been two first-prize winners in a single draw.

To put that in perspective, the chances of winning just one prize are over 38 million to one. 

"You're really serious? Is this a joke? It's just incredible," the mother said when finding out on Monday she had won, 7 News reported.

"We don't really do much for our wedding anniversary these days so I thought why not buy some Set for Life tickets and that could be our present.

"We use marked numbers that include the dates of our wedding anniversary and kids' birthdays - special dates that's what they are."

The woman said her family will be off on their dream holiday as soon as possible.

"Ever since we got married it's been our dream to go to Port Douglas. We've never been able to but that's something we can certainly look at doing in the future."

In the meantime, a more important purchase will be made with the family's current vehicle on its way out.