Nude man chases jogger through the forest

  • 12/05/2018

When people hit the trails to get some exercise, most are focused on the nice scenery - not being chased by somebody.

Unfortunately, that's what happened to a woman who went running on the Kal Haven Trail in Alamo last weeklend.

"I was shocked, I was really shocked," said Pat Shinners. "I could not believe that happened right down the road from where I live."

Police say around 7 pm Sunday a man stopped his car in the middle of the road and chased the jogger - stark naked.

"I have worried about the Kal Haven trail or any trail for the longest time for people that go out alone," said Richard Fuller of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Office.

"I recommend you don't go out alone."

The jogger was able to flag down some passing cyclists and the suspect was scared off.

"This jogger was real good to notice a difference in somebody's behaviour in their area that was key to keeping themselves safe," said Mr Fuller.

CBS News